Electronic Verification System (eVS)

Document and pay postage using electronic manifest files.

The Electronic Verification System (eVS) allows high-volume package mailers and package consolidators to document and pay postage, including special service fees, using electronic manifest files. The files are transmitted over electronically to to Postal Service™. eVS is designed to make it easy for high-volume package mailers to take advantage of destination entry rates.

eVS mirrors our existing manual manifest process but does so electronically. Sampling data that is used to monitor postage accuracy is captured after the mailing arrives at the destination entry Post Office™. Instead of reconciling sampling data against individual manifests, it is reconciled against all manifests received from the mailer during the month.

Mailer Benefits:

Unlike typical destination entry rate mailings, eVS mailings are not subject to verification at the origin Post Office or detached mail unit. Mailers have control of their mailings from time of preparation to time of deposit at the entry Post Office, although mailings must still be deposited to meet appointment windows. The mailer no longer has to plan mailings according to the hours of operation at the origin Post Office.

eVS eliminates paperwork because hardcopy manifests, postage statements and adjustment worksheets are replaced by electronic documentation. Postage is electronically deducted from the mailer's PostalOne! postage payment (formerly CAPS) account. eVS mailers can review the results of postage samplings online. Mailers can monitor the quality of their mail, take preventive measures to ensure discrepancies do not recur, and avoid possible postage adjustments.

What may be manifested using eVS?

eVS may be used to pay postage and special service fees on domestic Package Service and Standard Mail machinable package mailings. Irregular Standard Mail Packages may only be included in destination delivery unit mailings. Letter-and flat-size mail pieces cannot be included in eVS mailings.

Inclusion of Standard Mail and Bound Printed Matter packages requires computation of an individual package rate for each package. The individual package rate is calculated by determining the piece rate, pound rate and residual shape surcharge (if applicable) component for each package and adding those components together.

Volume Requirements:

eVS is designed for high-volume repetitive destination entry mailers. eVS mailers must consistently present sufficient volume to destination entry locations to ensure a valid sampling plan can be developed and maintained. The Postal Service will assist a mailer to determine if they have sufficient volume to participate in the eVS program, based on information provided on the customer's application.