Manage Mailing Activity

The PostalOne! system provides a new automated, streamlined alternative to existing manual business mail acceptance process. It features the following:

Integrated, web-based solutions, providing:

  • Automated scheduling services for drop shipment mailings
  • Electronic documentation and postage statements
  • Simplified mail acceptance, verification and payment processes
  • Reduced hardcopy paperwork and handling costs
  • Increased operations efficiency with the mail induction process
  • Improved access to mailing information and job tracking
  • Enhanced account management capability
  • Online Mail Quality and Full-Service reporting

Manage Mailing Activity - The Manage Mailing Activity service functionality includes:

  • Balance and Fees
  • Dashboard
  • Electronic Data Exchange
  • Mailing Reports
  • Manage Permits
  • Postal Wizard

Balance and Fees (Manage Permits)

Mailers have 24/7 access to all their mailing accounts to monitor balances and fees for ease of mailing. The Enterprise Payment System (EPS) accounts provide business mailers with expanded electronic payment options, including the ability to link accounts and access payment information.


The Dashboard is a tool for work flow management that allows users to submit and review jobs. Jobs that display on the Dashboard are those that have been submitted by electronic documentation (e.g., Postal Wizard, Mail.dat, and Mail.XML). Jobs can comprise multiple statements or represent a single postage statement. All postage statements are accessible by the single postage statement level through the Dashboard. The Dashboard panel enables the user to retrieve a specific job by using the various search filters.

Electronic Data Exchange

Mailers are able to submit their mailing information and postage statements electronically using Mail.dat, Mail.XML and the Postal Wizard as well as receive their Full-Service Reports.

Postal Wizard

Postal Wizard offers mailers a secure way to submit a postage statement online, through a PostalOne! Account. Postal Wizard guides mailers through the items they need to complete on the postage statement based on information they provide along the way. Qualification reports may be hardcopy or on an electronic viewer provided by the mailer.

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