Intelligent Mail Small Business (IMsb) Tool

To take advantage of Intelligent Mail barcode benefits, talk to your Software Provider or Mail Service Provider (MSP). Several Software Vendors have developed solutions for you. To find a list of Software Vendors who have participated in the voluntary USPS Full-Service and eDoc certification process, go to PostalPro at:

Intelligent Mail for Small Business Mailers (IMsb) Tool

If you prepare your own mailings, the Intelligent Mail for Small Business Mailers (IMsb) Tool is for you. The Intelligent Mail for Small Business Mailers (IMsb) is an online tool which will allow you to qualify for automation Full-Service discount on mailings that are:

  • Maximum mailing size of less than 50,000 pieces
  • Maximum yearly volume of equal or less than 250,000 pieces

Benefits you can expect from using this tool to create Full-Service mailings:

  • You can do Full-Service mailings with Intelligent Mail barcodes for your mail pieces and tray.
  • You do not need to print hard-copy postage statements.
  • You will have 24 x 7 access to manage your Full-Service mailing activities, transactions and mailing history whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.
  • You will have the ability to receive delivery point validation in near real time and updated mailing list.


No special software or installation is required and data is easily accessible to users!! Users simply access the application via a Web Browser

  • First upload your address list to the IMsb Tool.
  • Next, print your address with an Intelligent Mail barcode on labels, envelopes or insert page.
  • Next, print your tray labels.
  • Next, submit your postage statement electronically and you are ready to bring your Full-Service mailing to your acceptance unit along with the confirmation page.


Mail is proven to be one of the most profitable marketing methods.


Nothing works better than the Power of Mail for building one-to-one relationships with your customers... or bringing in new ones.


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