Parcel Return Service (PRS)

What is Parcel Return Service?

Parcel Return Service (PRS), allows consumers to return merchandise to merchants without paying postage. This service is somewhat similar to Merchandise Return Service in that it allows consumers to return parcels to merchants at the merchant's expense. It benefits the merchant by providing an inexpensive return method so they can offer free return to their customers.

Parcel Return Service features:

  • If Priority Mail® packaging is used for Returns, the applicable Priority Mail price will be charged. Priority Mail Regional Rate packaging is not available for Business Return Mail use. Consumers need only affix label, and drop off parcels at any Postal Service™ facility, hand them to a mailperson, place them in a Collection Box® or any location designated by the Postal Service for the receipt of mail, or schedule a Carrier Pickup™.
  • Consumers can use barcode number to confirm when Merchant has retrieved the package.
  • Certificate of Mailing is the only extra service that consumers have the option of buying when they drop off their packages at a Post Office™
  • Merchants can electronically monitor the status of returned parcels
  • Inexpensive return service for Merchants Quicker return to Merchants
  • Participating merchants will be able to schedule collection at their convenience
  • 2 categories, with associated fees, to further provide discounts to merchants: Parcel Select Return Delivery Unit (Parcel Select RDU) and Parcel Select Return Bulk Mail Center (Parcel Select RBMC)
  • The machinable criteria for Parcel Return Service (and Parcel Select) parcels are different from other mail classes. The dimensional requirements are the same (27 inches x 17 inches x 17 inches); however, the weight limit for Parcel Return Service and Parcel Select Service is 35 lbs., not 25 lbs.
  • Customers no longer have to bring returns to their local Post Office but will have the option to schedule a pickup

Becoming a participant:

A merchant or agent that wishes to participate must submit a request on its company letterhead to the manager of Mailing Standards and Click here to complete PS Form 3761 (PDF). If necessary to view the PDF file, you can also Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Affixing the PRS label with postage:

If a Parcel Return Services (PRS) label is used on a package, the Postal Service will charge the merchant the appropriate PRS price, regardless of any additional postage that may be applied to the package. The merchant is already paying for the postage, so there is no need to affix postage to the parcel.

For assistance with the USPS-hosted label generation tool or if you would like more information about using Parcel Return Service Full Network, send an email and a Postal Representative will respond within 2 business days Email