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Online Enrollment

Programs that require enrollment typically mean you must meet certain criteria to participate. You can get started online to apply for eligibility. Select the Online Enrollment link from your homepage.

Electronic Verification System  
The Electronic Verification System (eVS ®) allows parcel mailers to document and pay postage by transmitting electronic manifest files to the eVS database, which is part of the PostalOne!® system. eVS allows parcel mailers to streamline their shipping processes, while allowing integration with other systems and business processes for data collection and performance measurement.

Parcel Return Service 
The Parcel Return Service (PRS) provides businesses a convenient, economical solution for returning merchandise. The service offers discount pricing when the returns are picked up in bulk at a returns delivery unit or at a return sectional center facility. Authorized agents also can pick up PRS packages from designated postal facilities, helping reduce processing and transportation expenses.

Express Mail Manifesting 
Express Mail Manifesting System (EMM) allow mailers to send the Postal ServiceTM an electronic file documenting postage and special service fees for all pieces in an Express Mail mailing. EMM may be used to pay postage for Express Mail, Express Mail International; Express Mail Military Service to qualifying APO/FPO and DPO addresses; and, Express Mail Custom Designed service. Postage for other classes of mail cannot be paid through EMM.

Tracking Only 
The Tracking Only Service is a program that provides tracking information through Confirmation Services for mailers who are not certified customers of Electronic Verification System (eVS), Parcel Return Service (PRS), or Electronic Mail Manifesting (EMMS) programs.

Scan Based Payment 
The Scan Based Payment System provides an alternative payment model based on the collection of scans that trigger payment. Scan data is sent to PostalOne! based on the combination of Mailer ID (MID) and Customer Registration ID.